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13 Essential Marketing Acronyms: A Handy Guide for Growth Marketers & Hackers


marketing acronyms

Navigating the marketing world, you’ll frequently encounter a sea of marketing acronyms. Ever puzzled about the relationship between a campaign’s CTR and ROI, and felt like exclaiming, “What on Earth?!” To keep your marketing jargon headaches at bay, bookmark these 14 key abbreviations. They’re your toolkit for winning the marketing game.

  1. CPA: Cost Per Action/Acquisition – Think of CPA as your compass in the vast marketing landscape. It reveals the number of individuals who interacted with your ad and executed the desired action, such as purchasing a gadget or signing up for an event. Simply, CPA shows what each new customer costs you during a campaign.
  2. CPC: Cost Per Click – Within the PPC universe, the almighty click reigns supreme. The CPC illustrates the cost of each of these precious interactions, whether via touch, keystroke, or mouse click. A successful campaign generally sees more clicks and a lower CPC. Dive deeper to understand the nuances between CPC and CPM.
  3. CPE: Cost Per Engagement – Think of CPE as the broader cousin of CPC. It encompasses all forms of engagement, from clicks and likes to comments and shares. With CPE bidding, you only pay when consumers genuinely interact with your advertisement.
  4. CPI: Cost Per Impression – Before someone clicks, they must notice your ad. CPI represents what you pay each time your ad catches a potential customer’s eye.
  5. CPM: Cost Per Thousand Impressions – Let the Roman numeral ‘M’ (1,000) be your guide here. CPM signifies the cost for every thousand views of your advertisement, providing a benchmark for campaign cost-effectiveness.
  6. CR: Conversion Rate – Measure your CR by comparing actions taken to potential actions. For instance, if 100 people browse your e-shop and 65 buy products, your CR stands at 65%.
  7. CTR: Click-Through Rate – Assess your campaign’s magnetism by comparing clicks to total impressions. A robust CTR signals a compelling and pertinent ad.
  8. IAB: Interactive Advertising Bureau – Established in 1996, the New York-based IAB sets industry norms, conducts studies, and offers legal support for digital marketing endeavors. It consists of 650+ global media and tech entities.
  9. ROAS: Return On Ad Spend – This metric highlights revenue generated per advertising dollar, offering insights into online campaign potency.
  10. ROI: Return On Investment – ROI is the axis on which the business world spins, whether you’re strategizing a campaign or weighing the pros and cons of a long queue for a fleeting thrill.
  11. RTB: Real-Time Bidding – Ever noticed how after checking out products online, related ads seem to follow you? In RTB, ad impressions are auctioned in real-time, with marketers bidding more for audiences that align with their target profiles.
  12. SSP & DSP: Supply-Side Platform & Demand-Side Platform – Digital advertising is a marketplace. Marketers “demand” ad slots, which web publishers “supply.” DSP lets marketers purchase these slots, while SSP allows publishers to manage this inventory.
  13. TL; DR: “Too Long; Didn’t Read” – A playful abbreviation to summarize lengthy content. E.g., “TL;DR: I’ve reached out to Jim, so you’re off the hook.” Your time-crunched colleagues might just respond with a snappy, “TY!”
  14. TY: “Thank You” – A little nugget for you. Because you should always have time for gratitude. 😉

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations!

You’re now better equipped to decode the secret language of “marketing acronyms.”

Remember, every industry has its jargon, and ours just happens to love abbreviations (maybe because marketers are too busy crafting brilliant campaigns to use full words!). So next time you’re at a party and someone throws a “CTR” or “ROAS” your way, you can impress them with your acronym artistry. Or better yet, invent your own marketing acronyms and see who can guess what it stands for. How ab



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