We built New Custom CBD Website

Complete Design & Development of CBD eCommerce Website


As a new company on the CBD market, Hemphouse came to Growkal seeking a new CBD eCommerce website with the goal of represent the brand and drive sales trough the website.

By being clear and to the point about their business, Hemphouse wanted to create a strong customer journey on their new website and use it as a platform where they could build over.


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The Challenge

As a CBD company that only relies on its website for reaching their target customers, their new website simply had to be perfect.

The CBD business has many law barriers in Bulgaria, including aesthetics, content organisation, and the overall functionality of the website.

We took all this into account when started designing.

At a strategic level, Hemphouse needed a CBD eCommerce website that not only conveyed their company essence consistently and thoroughly, but also solidified the cannabidiol values.
And most importantly, they wanted to drive more leads and conversions through their website, while communicating all their offers effectively to their prospects.
Hemphouse came to Growkal with the overarching goal to develop a website that removes barriers, increases overall engagement, and drives sales.

The Solution

Our focus was on organising content and simplifying the site to allow users to navigate and find information easily. 

We started by creating a condensed information architecture that users could easily navigate to find important information they needed in order to convert.

From there, we began creating wireframes for priority sections and pages of the CBD eCommerce website that users would interact with most, including:

  • Homepage
  • About Us
  • Shop Pages
  • Single Product Page
  • Contact Page
  • Blog Page

Our conversion analysis showed us that a cart and contact buttons was the optimal call to action to drive users to contact over phone or directly convert. We gave prominence to this Header with call to action by placing the buttons in the upper right corner of the page to drive users to convert. We also supplied various pieces of content with green call or add to cart buttons on the products. This would keep users engaged and moving through the website, while always keeping important calls to action within their view as they scroll through the pages, with the end goal being continuously funneling users to buy.

The Result

Not only did our new design result in higher levels of engagement with bounce rates decreasing over the time, but overall conversions increased by 67% in the first 6 months! This meant more users were:

  • Contacting Hemphouse
  • Requesting more information
  • Converting
  • Using click to call directly
  • Sending emails

The Review

Nelly Petkova

Founder of Hemphouse

They delivered a unique website and taught us how to update the site content.


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