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As an established Leather Goods company in Austria and Germany, Rohleder came to Growkal seeking a eCommerce website revamp with the goal of increasing lead generation and driving more sales.

By being clear and to the point about their business, Rohleder wanted to improve the customer journey on their new website and convert more people from visitors to customers.


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The Challenge

As an Online business that only relies on its website for reaching their target customers, Rohleder’s website simply wasn’t effective enough. 

The website had many user experience and conversion barriers, including aesthetics, content organization, and the overall functionality of the website.

At a strategic level, Rohleder needed an eCommerce website that not only conveyed their company essence consistently and thoroughly, but also solidified their values.
And most importantly, they wanted to drive more leads and conversions through their website, while communicating all their offers effectively to their prospects.
Rohleder came to Growkal with the overarching goal to redesign their website to removes barriers, increases overall engagement, and drives leads.

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The Analysis

Growkal quickly got to work with the Rohleder team. We started by conducting an interview with the owners to find out what areas of the eCommerce website we need to focus on tackling first. We decided that improving usability will be our top priority in order to increase leads overall.

Armed with this information, we began roadmapping a strategy to create a clean and luxury small eCommerce website for Rohleder that would drive more brand awareness, boost overall engagement, and increase conversions.

This strategy included developing wireframes that would inform a stripped down design, focusing on prioritizing important sections and content on the Rohleder website, while giving prominence to important calls to action.

The Solution

Our focus was on reorganizing content and simplifying the site to allow users to navigate and find information easily. Growkal was able to dissect the data from our analysis of their old website and segment core revenue streams for Rohleder into easy-to-use sections of the site.

We started by creating a condensed information architecture that users could easily navigate to find important information they needed in order to convert.

From there, we began creating wireframes for priority sections and pages of the website that users would interact with most, including:

  • Homepage
  • About Us
  • Services Pages
  • Single Service Pages
  • Success Stories
  • Blog Page

Our conversion analysis showed us that a bright green “Shop Now” button was the optimal call to action to drive users to convert. We gave prominence to this “Shop Now” call to actions by placing the buttons in the bototm right corner of the products to drive users to convert. We also supplied various pieces of content with green calls to action to other resources. This would keep users engaged and moving through the website, while always keeping important calls to action within their view as they scroll through the pages, with the end goal being continuously funneling users to conversion.

The Result

Not only did our new design result in higher levels of engagement with bounce rates decreasing by 37% and time on site increasing by 122%, but overall conversions increased by 41%! This meant more users were:

  • Contacting Rohleder
  • Requesting more information
  • Requesting Personalisation
  • Using click to call directly
  • Converting

By adding a payment option with no need of leaving the website, we were able to boost conversions overall and also made Rohleder’s nurturing cycle more efficient.

The Review


Paul Ortner

Co-Founder of Rohleder

We have been working with Growkal for around half a year now, and have never had a better experience with online web development services. Where other freelancers might work exactly according to your requirements without a second thought, Kaloyan will always feedback and offer improvements to your project before even starting work. The amount of independent effort put in here is enormous, and I've never seen it before on this scale. On a web design front, where good taste is paramount, we have not been disappointed. Good, tasteful solutions are offered, implementation is quick and clean, and their accuracy when fitting new assets into existing designs is great. We have never had a communications issue, response times are extremely quick, holidays or downtimes are communicated well in advance, and timeframes are accurate within reason. The technical knowledge provided is excellent, and there have been no issues at all even with complex or scripted solutions on our website. If you are looking for a really professionals, this is the studio to hire - you will not be disappointed.

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