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As a young start-up, IntoBridge came to Growkal seeking a Website for their New Online Gaming Platform with the goal of increasing the number of gamers on the platform and driving quality information in an efficient way to new users.

By being clear and to the point about their business, IntoBridge wanted to improve the customer journey on their new website and push visitors to register and play on their online gaming platform.


The Challenge

For much of the past decade, online gaming — especially online card games and eSports — has exploded in popularity.

One new gaming company will be playing a big role in that
expansion next years, by providing a unique online gaming platform that unites global bridge leaders with small club players, for an immersive, continuously evolving, and interactive Bridge experience.

Consistently delivering such an experience to Bridge players in every corner of the world is a core requirement for maintaining an engaged and profitable audience.
More importantly, the gaming experience has moved to purely online, introducing latency and in-game performance as critical factors in supporting existing players and growing the company’s presence further.

As a result, the company needed a modern, intuitive and easy-to-use website, optimised for all kind of devices.

The Analysis

Growkal quickly got to work with the IntoBridge team. We started by conducting an interview with their CEO to find out what areas of the website we need to focus on tackling first. We decided that improving usability will be our top priority in order to increase leads and players overall.

Armed with this information, we began road-mapping a strategy to create a clean Online Gaming Platform website for IntoBridge that would drive more brand awareness, boost overall engagement, and increase leads and players.

This strategy included developing wireframes that would inform a stripped-down design, focusing on prioritizing important sections and content on the IntoBridge website, while giving prominence to important calls to action.

The Solution

Our focus was on reorganizing content and simplifying the site to allow users to navigate and find information easily. Growkal was able to dissect the data from our analysis and segment core converting streams for IntoBridge into easy-to-use sections of the site.

We started by creating a condensed information architecture that users could easily navigate to find important information they needed in order to convert.

From there, we began creating wireframes for priority sections and pages of the website that users would interact with most, including:

  • Homepage
  • Daily Quiz Page
  • Ask Zia Page
  • Careers Page
  • Single Blog Article
  • Blog Page

Our conversion analysis showed us that a bright blue “Play Now” button was the optimal call to action to drive users to register and play on the platform. We gave prominence to this “Play Now” call to action by placing the button in the upper right corner of the header to drive users to convert. We also supplied various pieces of content with blue calls to action to other resources. This would keep users engaged and moving through the website, while always keeping important calls to action within their view as they scroll through the pages, with the end goal being continuously funneling users to register and play.

The Result

Not only did the new website result in higher levels of engagement with bounce rates decreasing by 50% and time on site increasing by 142%, but overall conversions also increased by 41%! This meant more users were:

  • Finding the website on the web
  • Browsing the website
  • Read News about the Platform
  • Sending emails
  • Register and Play Bridge Online  on the newest online gaming platform

Partnering with Growkal has helped put the gaming company on a new path toward sustainable growth and profitability.

As the online gaming market continues to grow – especially amid a global health crisis driving millions of people indoors and online — The company is eager to take full advantage of their new platform and website to fortify its operations and deliver its brand of interactive entertainment to millions more gamers across the country and around the world. 

The Review

I was impressed with their dedication to doing an excellent job. Accessible and professional, the team was quick to respond to messages and accommodate requests and changes. Their responsiveness and dedication to the project's success set the team apart from competitors.

Stefan S.

Co-founder of IntoBridge

I was blown away by the knowledge they had about website design, user experience, and optimization. Thanks to Growkal team, we were able to improve site traffic and receive positive feedback from our end users. They delivered the project in a timely manner.

D. Minkov

Co-founder at Dreams Float Spa

I can't believe this is my website. Growkal designed and developed my website in less than 2 months and I'm more than happy with the end result. There is no more bugs and it's really quick.

Gergana Genova

Founder of Law Genova

I'm more than happy with their job. Thanks to Growkal Studio, we gained a new website. The site led to a higher number of visitors and cost per pizza order. The team delivered the website in less than a month, exceedin our expectations. They also communicated closely with us to ensure everything was on time.

Ivo S.

Founder of Pizza Station

Growkal Studio's efforts led to more sales and inquiries for specific products. The team worked fast and quickly understood our needs. They communicated efficiently via virtual meetings and email. Overall, Growkal Studio's services were reliable.

Iliya Bozov

Founder of Bozov Style

Growkal got our business from day one to today and always treat it like his own baby. They brought a huge increase in traffic and their incoming leads doubled month over month. They fixed the bugs that came up along the way and gave solutions, even before problems appear.

D. Todorov

Founder of Kleur Project

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