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Maximize your online impact with our Social Media Ads services.
Let us elevate your brand to new heights with targeted strategies that drive traffic, increase conversions, and boost your bottom line.

Drive Sales

using the Power of

Social Media Ads

Measure Your Success

Clear and transparent reporting. Measure traffic, orders, revenue, and return on ad spend at the audience level.

Control Your Costs

Control your monthly budgets. Pay only for buyers who visit your store. Control your costs down to audience level.

Manage Campaigns

Control how your brand is presented to the buyers, retarget customers, and test new ideas to attract buyers.

How we do it

Growkal Approach

Tailored to your business goals.
Integrated programs that increase digital marketing ROI.

Three pillars to methodically reach your objective.

Dive deep into your business, translate goals into KPIs, assess growth opportunities and develop a tactical plan to achieve your goals.

Implement your campaigns, pixel & product feed. Ensure quality using pre-launch checklists to minimize errors.

Proactive optimization to maximize the budgets. Pivotal testing to maximize performance and exceed your goals as quickly as possible.



Grow Your Business and Online Presence with Growkal Using the Power of the Biggest Social Platform

What is Social Media today?

Social media users are some of the most engaged people on the internet today, but they’re also inundated with endless clutter and options day in and day out. The ideal use of social media isn’t as a microphone to address the world. Social media should be a conversation that not only gives your audience more immediate and personal responses to their questions and issues but also a place to let them celebrate your brand.

More experiments equal higher conversion rates

As a brand, it is important to remember that the users on each social media platform are very specific, and your approach needs to reflect that. To ensure the right messaging is going out on the correct channels, our team will consistently A/B test images and content across platforms to optimize efforts. Every audience deserves messaging that reflects their mindset and matches the platform they are on. It all starts with a sound social media strategy.


Using Social Media for your business gives you the opportunity to communicate directly with your customers. This intimate level of engagement can have a positive impact on the way existing and potential customers view your brand.

Our growth hacking studio team will help you make sense of an incredibly complex digital landscape with our range of social media services. Being consultancy-led means that we listen, then act. As a leading growth hacking consultancy agency, we take our understanding of your consumers, how to use social and our global + local knowledge to build simple and effective social media strategies.

Outsourcing Social Media Management can be extremely helpful if you are not sure how or where to start when promoting your business online.

Before we even begin building your social media strategy we like to meet up, grab a coffee and get to know each other. By forming a strong working relationship, it’s much easier for us to really get to know you and your business and how to best represent your brand online.

To create your social media strategy, it’s important we understand what you wish to achieve from using social media. Whether it be an increase in sales, enquiries or website traffic, we can use this information and tailor it around the content we create.

Your social media strategy will include a clear, organised breakdown of each post or post category that is tailored to each social media platform your business uses. This breakdown will show each individual post, the contents of the post and the time it will be published. Images and digital graphics play a huge part online, therefore, your strategy will include an image template so all of your images feature your company branding. If you have photographs or images you would like to use we will ensure these are included within your strategy.

Absolutely, we are more than happy to get you up and running if you are unsure or simply don’t have the time to set them up yourself. As part of the consultation stage, we will discuss which platforms you should be on and how they will be set up.

This all depends on the goals you set out for your business at start of the process. For example, if your goal was to gain more website traffic through social media, we will use social media analytics which can tell us how many people clicked through to your website month-on-month. We can even help to set up Google Analytics tracking on your website which gives you an in-depth analysis, both internal and external on the performance of your website.

We are able to respond to general comments or enquiries in a formal and respectful manner by directing users to contact your customer service department. If you would prefer to respond to all comments and direct messages yourself, that is no problem at all. In many cases, if the question is something that we can’t answer, we will let you know that you have a message waiting and will encourage you to respond to the query. 

Yes, this will be discussed and agreed upon during the consultation process. If you want to reach a wider audience through paid advertising, we can set this up and discuss a recommended budget with you. 

Social media platforms we work with are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Not every business needs every social media platform that exists; we can help you select the platforms that will be most beneficial to your business. As some platforms are more imaged based than text based, this may play a part in your decision. 

Ready for a social media agency that makes REAL, authentic connections with your audience? Let’s get in touch! Please contact us through our online contact form.

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I was impressed with their dedication to doing an excellent job. Accessible and professional, the team was quick to respond to messages and accommodate requests and changes. Their responsiveness and dedication to the project's success set the team apart from competitors.

Stefan S.

Co-founder of IntoBridge

I was blown away by the knowledge they had about website design, user experience, and optimization. Thanks to Growkal team, we were able to improve site traffic and receive positive feedback from our end users. They delivered the project in a timely manner.

D. Minkov

Co-founder at Dreams Float Spa

I can't believe this is my website. Growkal designed and developed my website in less than 2 months and I'm more than happy with the end result. There is no more bugs and it's really quick.

Gergana Genova

Founder of Law Genova

I'm more than happy with their job. Thanks to Growkal Studio, we gained a new website. The site led to a higher number of visitors and cost per pizza order. The team delivered the website in less than a month, exceedin our expectations. They also communicated closely with us to ensure everything was on time.

Ivo S.

Founder of Pizza Station

Growkal Studio's efforts led to more sales and inquiries for specific products. The team worked fast and quickly understood our needs. They communicated efficiently via virtual meetings and email. Overall, Growkal Studio's services were reliable.

Iliya Bozov

Founder of Bozov Style

Growkal got our business from day one to today and always treat it like his own baby. They brought a huge increase in traffic and their incoming leads doubled month over month. They fixed the bugs that came up along the way and gave solutions, even before problems appear.

D. Todorov

Founder of Kleur Project

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